LG Alumni Success: Young Writers’ Anthology 2015

Looking Glass alumni, Lexy Hudson, has been published as one of the “25 Best Young Writers” of the year, winning a place within the Electric Reads Young Writers’ Anthology.

Young Writers' Anthology.jpgPreviously an editor and writer for The Looking Glass Anthology, Lexy has gone on to work as an editorial and publicity intern for Gibson Square Books and a supervisor for the Henley Literature Festival, as well as continuing to work on her own writing. Her piece of fiction, Wakelust, was published in Volume 6 of The Looking Glass, and her story, ‘Well Versed’ won the place in the Young Writers’ Anthology.

The Young Writers’ Anthology was launched for the first time this year, opening submissions in June 2015 and closing in October. The anthology is run and published by the literary services company, Electric Reads, and aims to support new creative talent, gathering short stories and extracts from British writers under the age of 25 and circulating them worldwide. The selected 25 writers have their submitted pieces published in the book alongside a personal bio. This provides an excellent opportunity for young writers to publicize their names on their journey to becoming published novelists.

Spanning many different genres, the anthology is said to be ”a rare opportunity to enjoy the innovation and verve of writers under the age of twenty-five and discover the hidden gems who are ready to burst onto Britain’s literary scene.”

To purchase the book, click here. And congratulations to Lexy!


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