Student Interview: Inside the Editorial Team 2014

Courtney Garner, a second year English student, answers some questions about The Looking Glass Anthology editorial meetings.

Ok, let’s start with the basics, why did the Looking Glass Anthology interest you?

Courtney: I’ve always been interested in creative writing, and Looking Glass interested me because it was the only anthology I had heard of that specifically published poetry and prose from students at York. After reading the anthology from last year I realised all of the writing published in it was great and decided to join the editorial team.

And how did you go about getting involved?

Courtney: I asked to be put on the Looking Glass mailing list, found out when the next editorial meeting was and turned up!

Can you briefly describe a typical editorial meeting?

Courtney: We take it in turns to discuss how we felt when we first read the poem or short story, what we like and dislike about the piece, what could be improved, and how it would fit into the anthology. Then we vote on a decision about whether the piece will go in the anthology unchanged or whether it will have to be edited and resubmitted.

Do you have a favourite thing about the meetings?

Courtney: My favourite thing about the meetings is that it not only gives me the opportunity to read interesting poems and stories from other people at York, but that I also learn a lot about other people’s responses to literature when discussing the texts.

Are the editorial meetings in any way useful for your degree study?

Courtney: My degree study is English Literature, so I feel it is useful practice for analysing texts and looking at texts from other people’s perspectives.

Do you plan on using your experiences with the Looking Glass Anthology  in your career plans?

Courtney: I would like to go into publishing or marketing after university, so I would definitely use the experience of editing the anthology to help in my career.

And finally, what would you say to anyone thinking about getting involved?

Courtney: I would say to anyone who’s thinking about getting involved, it’s not too late to take a chance and drop in to one of our meetings to see how you like it. It is a relaxed, friendly, no-pressure atmosphere for people who are interested in talking about literature.

So there you have it editorial members to-be. I hope this fills you with excitement about joining us for more creative writing related fun and discussion in the New Year! Email us at to join our mailing list and find out more!


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