Submissions for Volume 7 are open!

writing LG

Volume 7 is now open for submissions – both writing and design! Submit your work as an attachment to


Writing submissions

Word limits: 1500 for poetry, 2000 for drama, 3000 for prose.

Deadlines: If you would like feedback on your writing, submit by midnight on 19th February 2016 (end of week 7 Spring term) and our final deadline will be midnight on 11th March 2016 (end of week 10 spring term), though submissions received between the first and second deadline will not receive feedback, just a yes or no.

We only accept fictional material and it’s easier to send us your work on a Microsoft Word document. You’re free to submit as many pieces of work as you like, but ultimately we can only have three pieces per author in the final anthology.

Design Submissions

Deadline: 15th April 2016 (end of week 1 Summer term)

Email us your artwork is you’d like it to be featured in Volume 7 as either the cover artwork or as inside illustrations! We are also looking for new designs for bookmarks. Your artwork can be a painting, photo, sketch or anything else, but must be the original work of the artist. Set the size to around 3307 x 2398 pixels (Portrait Orientation), it doesn’t have to be precise. This can be achieved using basic editing tools included with software such as Word and Preview. (We are only asking for the image; the title, etc will be added by us).



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