The Winner of the Looking Glass Inklings Competition

we have a winnerIn Autumn Term 2014, we held a competition for members of creative writing society, The Inklings, allowing the winner to be featured in our anthology. After giving them the stimulus phrase ‘Looking Glass’, we had some fabulous entries and can now proudly announce our winner.

Drum roll please………

The Winner of the Competition is

Sayannel E. Myrrdin
With her winning poem…


Where now the quill and the paper,
Where are the words that were flowing?
Dwindled have they in the dim
And the shadow-shod hooves of the past

Where now the forests of yester-faë,
Where is the wandering wind whispering?
It lies shattered on the battlements
Of brick that we’ve built to hide behind

Where now the eye filled with wonder,
And the voices to journey inviting?
Alas! Theirs is a spell long lost-
An echo in a looking glass

We hope this little taster of the anthology whets your appetite for what’s to come. Sending big congratulations to Sayannel from The Looking Glass. 


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