Writing Tips: Writer’s Block

Writers block – it’s every writer’s nightmare. We’ve all been in this situation…

And we know how frustrating it is when you can’t find the right words to express your ideas – it can put you off writing your piece altogether. But here at Looking Glass we believe that your creativity shouldn’t go to waste, but should instead be published! So here are our five top tips to overcome the dreaded writer’s block and get that piece finished!

1.       Take a break
Sometimes when you’ve spent ages looking at a blank screen or page you tend to go a little crazy. By this point your brain probably doesn’t care anymore and the words probably won’t come to you naturally which won’t benefit your piece at all. In this case, you have to accept defeat and distance yourself from your piece. Change your environment, do something different and completely take your mind off of it. When you return to your work you’ll be looking at it with a fresh perspective as opposed to a tired one, and you’ll be able to approach it with a new vigour that could fuel some good writing. Go on, have a KitKat.

nano2.       Use writing prompts
Writing prompts are a great way of getting into the flow of writing. Just type in ‘writing prompts’ onto Google or simply ask someone to give you a random topic. Set yourself a short time limit and then write away on whatever your topic brings to mind. The prompt doesn’t have to relate to your original piece as the benefits are more to get your creative juices flowing and to familiarise yourself with the writing process. Here’s an interesting prompt from the NaNoWordSprints Twitter page – they often tweet out great prompts so they’re a worthwhile follow.

3.       Read
Reading is a great source of inspiration, especially reading something unusual or related to your topic. Reading something unique can give you an insight into new styles of writing, techniques and vocabulary that can inform or guide your own writing.

4.       Go back to square one
Writer’s block can often send your thinking round and round in circles and it’s easy to lose your original idea. Refresh your memory by revisiting your original inspiration and what you wanted to achieve with it.  Back to the blueprints you go!

5.       Talk about your piece
In her article Overcoming writer’s block: three tips in The Guardian, Professor Rowena Murray “Writing with others, talking about writing-in-progress and sharing writing goals and achievements helps us to understand writing better.”  Talking about your ideas can lead you to verbalise ideas you initially had difficulty getting onto a page which can help you move forward with your piece. Talk to friends and family, or drop by an Inklings session where there’s great creative discussion to stimulate your imagination.

Whether it’s creative writing or essay writing you’ve run into a wall with, we hope our tips are helpful and lead you to a successful piece of writing!writers block meme



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