New Committee Elections!

It doesn’t seem like two minutes ago that we were elected as the new committee but it’s that time of year again and we need a brand new bunch of students to take over the running of our beloved anthology! Elections will be held in Week 8.

Elections Timeline

Monday 15th February to Friday 19th February – Email us at with the subject ‘Elections’ and let us know which position(s) you’d like to run for. You can run for a many positions as you’d like to! Please also include a mini manifesto of no more than 200 words and, if you like, a picture of yourself.

Saturday 20th February to Monday 22nd February – The profiles of each candidate will be up on the website for our members to look at and think about.

Tuesday 23rd February – In our usual editorial meeting we will hold the elections. We will start with the position of Editor in Chief and work our way down the list, so you are very welcome to run for other positions if you are not successful in your first choice. Each candidate will talk briefly about why they would be good for the position, then the other members will vote.

Committee positions:

Editor in Chief

The Editor in Chief is the Chair of The Looking Glass and is responsible for the running of the whole society, as well as for ensuring the next volume of the anthology is printed in Summer Term. You must liaise between YUSU and members of the society while overseeing every aspect of the anthology’s production. Some other responsibilities include chairing weekly editorial meetings, sending writers detailed feedback emails, and doing the final proofread of the anthology before it goes into production. This job has a lot of hidden responsibilities so you should be prepared to dedicate a lot of time to The Looking Glass.

Deputy Editor

Your responsibilities as Deputy Editor generally fall under the category of assisting the Editor in Chief. You might chair editorial meetings, send feedback, or be in contact with societies on behalf of The Looking Glass. However this is a very flexible position, so you could also be assisting with publicity, production, events or any other aspect of the anthology! This is a great job for learning how the society runs!

Head of Production

This is the most technical position on the committee. As Head of Production it will be your responsibility to keep track of submissions and create the reading packs, which you will email out weekly. In Summer Term you will compile and format the anthology, and send it out for production. You will also be responsible for the design competition, advertising it to other societies and monitoring the design submissions. This seems like a lot but the whole committee will help you and you can always ask members of the The Looking Glass if they’d like to help out.

Head of Publicity

Our society grows year on year and this is largely down to increasing our publicity efforts. As Head of Publicity it will be your job to maintain our social media accounts, encourage people to attend editorial meetings and events, and publicise the sale of the anthology. Your goal is to raise the profile of The Looking Glass!


It’s the treasurer’s duty to ensure that our society is supplied with the funds we require to put the anthology into production at the end of the year. You will need to apply for the various grants available to our society, as well as generally keeping track of how much money the society has, and collecting membership money in meetings.

Events Manager

This is our newest position on the committee, not even a year old! However, the Looking Glass this year has put a lot of energy into organising events so that our members can get to know each other outside of the editorial meetings. The committee usually discusses events together but as the new Events Manager your duties will include contacting venues, both on campus and in town, contacting speakers (for careers talks or readings), confirm bookings, sort out any student deals on drinks or food and liase with other societies for joint events. The two main events we organise are socials and careers talks, however if you’re the next to fill this position any creative ideas for other events are welcome!



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