New Committee Candidates!

How time flies, we’ve already reached the next stage of the election process! Below are the candidates and the positions they are running for- and the competition is looking tough! It’s definitely going to be such a tough decision which is why we’re giving you the whole weekend to have a read of our lovely candidates’ manifestos and have a think about who you’d like to see on the committee next year. We have ten candidates so make sure you don’t miss anyone out! Anyone who didn’t get the chance to email in can put themselves forward on the night of elections and anyone who has already applied can always decide to run for another position on the night too. Elections will be held in our next editorial meeting: Tuesday 23rd February. Wishing all our candidates the best of luck!

Nora Krischer: Editor in Chief

Nora KI’m running for Editor in Chief because I’ve really enjoyed being a member of the Looking Glass committee this year, and would like to use this experience to help the society continue to improve. In my position as Treasurer, I’ve been responsible for the society’s funds. This means I have experience working with the Finance Office, and know the financial restrictions the society is under. I am currently one of the RAG officers with my college, which has given me experience in liaising with YUSU and paying attention to details in order to organize events. This position has also given me valuable insight into how the society is run week to week, and I will be involved in the proofreading & printing process later this year. If I were Editor in Chief, I would seek to develop a closer relationship with some of the writers, and organize discussion sessions so that they could give us some feedback on the way we give feedback. I would also build on the careers focus the society developed this year, and maintain the social aspect of the society.


Stephanie Yeap: Deputy Editor

StephanieHi, I’m Stephanie, and I’m running for the position of Deputy Editor. Generally, I’m passionate about helping to provide a platform for student writing as well as enhancing the experience of the team around it. As a person, I’m enthusiastic as well as time-efficient, so you know that as deputy editor I’ll be dedicated to making editorial meetings an enjoyable and highly productive experience, while ensuring that what needs to get done gets done.  Additionally, I’m friendly and proactive, which means that I’ll always be there for any members of the editorial team who wish have express pressing concerns, and be receptive to any sort of feedback. Before university I interned with a online food journal for around 6 months, so I have experience with online publishing, research and editing, and I’ve also dabbled in dealing with maintaining public relations and good communications – so I believe I have the technical skills to assist the head editor and the rest committee to the best of my ability. You can be assured that I’ll pour my heart and time into this position, and be able to help out wherever I’m needed.


Max Haydon: Deputy Editor

I would like to apply for the Deputy Editor role of the LGA! I feel this position would be perfect for me as I have a wide spectrum of interests concerning the creation of the anthology, from finance to feedback to fetching biscuits. As I am still labelled a “fresher”, I understand that my experience with the society may not be as great as others, however that’s why I see this flexible and adaptive role as most appropriate for someone in my position. I think what the recent committee have achieved is top notch and I would want to maintain the comfortable dynamic in which our Tuesday evenings are run; it creates an air of ease where people feel confident. I like that very much. I would also like to think that I am a dedicated member of the editing team (even as far as going on the bar crawl…I mean, doesn’t that just prove how driven I am?) On a serious note, I would love to have the opportunity to be Deputy Editor and play a more significant part in this brilliant society.

Becca Lawes: Deputy Editor/Head of Publicity

BeccaI’m Becca, a first year English and Philosophy student and I have been attending weekly meetings since hearing about The Looking Glass at freshers fair. From what I have seen so far this year Deputy editor is a demanding but fun, interesting, varied and amazing role in the society. In the past two terms of being involved I have further discovered my love of reading and critiquing new creative writing and would love to be involved with the process and the society as a whole from this position. Deputy editor is a challenging position of authority but one I feel that I would love to undertake as I am bubbly, motivated, happy to work with and help the editor and have grown a strong passion for the The Looking Glass over my first few terms at York!


I would also love to run for the role of head of publicity for the Looking Glass because…..
1 – I love The Looking Glass and I want to be part of publicising it so that lots of other people can see how great it is too.
2- I am active on social media and would enjoy writing on behalf of the society encouraging people to attend meetings and to buy the anthology.
3- I have some experience writing for a professional travel blog publicising a teaching abroad company so feel that my online publicity skills are up to scratch for this role!
4- Head of publicity sounds like a fun and varying position and my bubbly personality and attention to detail would suit the position perfectly!

Sam Huntley: Head of Publicity 

Sam HuntleyI’m running for ‘Head of Publicity’ because I’d like to continue extending the visibility and reach of The Looking Glass. If elected, I’d enjoy actively and positively promoting Looking Glass, aiming to engage students on campus and subsequently increase readers of the anthology. As a writer myself, I genuinely appreciate the value in having people read your pieces and provide feedback. Regularly promoting my writing through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Wattpad has given me a clear understanding of how to effectively present content to and engage with different types of people. Promoting creative writing is therefore close to my heart, and something that I feel confident doing. I have already started engaging with campus media/writing having acted as a Music Editor last term for York Vision, and wish to continue this engagement. I’d endeavour to keep thinking about and employing new ways of promoting the anthology, perhaps such as a Facebook page (alongside the Facebook Group), and a Tumblr blog dedicated to the anthology. I enjoy working in a team, and see the value in listening to and learning from other peoples’ ideas. I hope that I get to experience this exciting role!

emilyEmily Dunn: Head of Production

Hi! I’m a second-year history student, and joined the Looking Glass editorial team at the start of my first year. It’s now the only society that I commit to on a regular basis, and I’d love to get more involved with running it in future.The position of Head of Production appeals to me because compiling the reading packs each week and putting together the finished anthology would feel incredibly rewarding. I find it oddly satisfying making all the formatting in a text consistent – even when I’m writing essays! Back in sixth form, I was the senior editor of the school magazine: laying out pages, editing articles and making sure it looked professional. Seeing my work in print was amazing. I’m considering something like this as a career – preferably book publishing rather than magazines – for which being Head of Production would be the perfect way to gain a bit more experience. I enjoyed helping out with the proofreading and typesetting for Volume Six last summer, and this would be a great opportunity to lead and support the next group of Looking Glass proofreaders and typesetters.

Connie Maunder: Head of Production

ConnieHiya I’m Connie, a second year Psychology student, and I joined Looking Glass this year. I’m running for Head of Production for two reasons basically. 1) because it’s totally dorky but I look forward to Tuesdays every week, and it still surprises me about how entertaining sitting in the meetings and discussing poetry with a room full of English students who know way more than I do – with me being a “science nerd” and all. And 2) because if science has taught me nothing else, it’s how to be organised to the point of pedantic, and I’m never far from my laptop anyway so I figured why not do something productive for the society?

Lucia Robio Robustillo: Head of Production

Lucía Rubio Robustillo - PictureMy name is Lucia, I’m a first year PPE student and I’d like to be your next Head of Production! I’ve been part of the society since the beginning of the year and our editorial meetings are something I look forward to in the week. I would love to learn how the society runs and help more writers publish their work. As part of the Junior Committee of James College I have experience organizing and promoting events, as well as coordinating big groups of people and communicating with different associations of students. As Head of Production, I will make sure that the reading packs are available as soon as possible before the meeting and that they include writings of different genres so the discussions held in the meetings can be richer and more dynamic. To format the anthology, I’d like to find from the beginning of the year people in the society interested in design and editing so we can start working on the pieces that are shortlisted each week and reduce the amount of work in the summer term. I am organized, a lover of literature and I’m willing to work to make the Looking Glass Anthology happen!

IMG_4717Hema Trivedi: Events Manager

Although I would say I’m a fairly new member of The Looking Glass Anthology, I really enjoy participating in the group meetings and have tried to attend every meeting since I have joined. I would like to run for the Events Manager position mainly because I think everyone gets on really well at the society and this is part of what makes it so great. I would promise to put in the effort for this position, as I attend socials already and think it would be really cool for everyone to enjoy themselves and get to know each other outside of the meetings. The last bar crawl was very good, so I understand that there is a lot of responsibility and I have something to live up to, especially since I’m a new member. In general, I try and keep up with all of the other literature societies (Poetry, Litsoc, Unknown, The Narrator) so getting involved in joint events is something I would be able to do, as well as thinking up some cool ideas or themed nights. In terms of organising events with speakers and doing careers talks, I don’t have a lot of experience, but have contacted people for venues for events so I can be organised to do this. If I stand, I would like to find out what people in the society would like to do, as I’m sure there are varied interests across the board, then try and organise things based on that since I’d like to try and appeal to everyone and keep the chilled, inviting and friendly vibe that is already here!

Charlotte Lightfoot: Events Manager

CharlotteHi, I’ve only come to a few meetings as I didn’t realise a society like this existed, but I’ve really enjoyed it each time I’ve gone and I’d really love to be a bigger part of the society. I am a politics student in my second year. I would like to run for the position of events manager. I have already had experience working in a similar role, as I’m the current secretary for the Women’s Network. So far I’ve helped to organise on and off campus events such as Sexposé, and the 2015 and 2016 Femfests. In the role of events manager, I would like to increase the number of socials for those who want them, with things like bar crawls and games and activity nights. I would also be interested in organising publishing career workshops with speakers and the careers office. In the picture I am drinking out of a pineapple. Only really fun and hip people drink out of pineapples, and I promise to channel this hipness into events (pineapples might not be included).





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