Volume 7 has arrived!


The Looking Glass are very proud to announce that Volume 7 is now a finished product! This year Jack Richardson’s stunning photography graces the anthology cover, whilst inside readers will find whimsical illustrations by K L Rachel Cairnes and amazing creative writing that students of York have submitted to us this year! Like Lewis Carroll’s Alice, Volume 7 of The Looking Glass Anthology will take readers on an adventure, and if you don’t believe us just give our blurb a read…


As the product of the work of numerous students over this academic year in York, Volume 7 is fittingly structured as it crams a whole year of creativity into not just one book, but also one day. Split into sections that match classic English mealtimes, Volume 7 will take readers throughout the courses of the day where they are able to digest breakfast tales, teatime scandals and even a sneaky midnight snack. Guided by the curiously anthropomorphic creatures illustrated on the anthology’s pages, Volume 7 will truly take the reader on a journey as vivid and fleeting as the bird taking flight on our front cover.

A lot of work from the committee, the editorial team, designers and proofreaders has gone into this anthology not only does the committee sincerely thank everyone for their work and dedication but we also hope that you all enjoy reading the new anthology.

Volume 7 will soon be available to purchase both online and in YourShop on campus, keep an eye out for more details coming soon!


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