In week 9 we will be holding elections for our new committee. It’s a great society to be a part of and its not a huuuge time commitment but is fun and can look great on your CV too. The positions available are….

Chair: this role involves running the weekly editorial meetings, composing the feedback to writers and generally keeping the committee in check and ensuring everything looking glass runs smoothly.

Vice Chair: this role supports the chair and the two roles could even be joint completely if you wanted to. This person helps with feedback and makes sure everyone else on the team is OK!

Head of Production: this role involves staying on top of the email submissions, compiling and formatting the weekly reading pack and emails and is in charge of the final publication of the anthology at the end. This is a really exciting role with a bit of responsibility but a super rewarding one when the anthology is published. They have a team of editors and typesetters to help them in the final stages too.

Head of Publicity: this role involves updating the website, running the blog, twitter, Facebook page and making the event for socials and society events. At the beginning of term especially this role involves trying to recruit more members and publicising the looking glass across the university and on social media.

Treasurer: This role is super varied in the looking glass and is no where near as boring as it sounds! They keep on top of the money for the society and are in charge of anthology sales but they also help out the rest of the committee with anything that needs to be done from feedback writing, responding to email queries and brainstorming social ideas.

All of these roles are exciting and none of them will take over your whole life in terms of time commitment. If you want to run for a position please write a really brief 100 words on why you want to run and (if you want) a photo of yourself that we’ll put up on the website. Elections will be Tuesday week 9 in FR Leavis at 6.30 as usual so come along then with your mini speech and we will vote!

If you want to find out more about the roles then drop any of the existing committee a message!


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