Election candidate announcement!

Meet our candidates so far for this years elections. You can still decide to run on the night too! More will be added as they come in


Isabelle Kennedy for Vice Chair 

Hi, I’m Isabelle, a first-year History Student. Since being at York, I’ve loved being a member of the Looking Glass Anthology, as it’s given me a way to reconnect with English Literature, a subject that I’ve always been passionate about. The role of Vice Chair appeals to me as a diverse and challenging role, and I’m passionate about maintaining the friendly and inclusive atmosphere of the society. I also have some previous experience in editing and publishing. Whilst at school I coordinated the writing and formatting of school news for a local magazine, and have also been involved in a variety of volunteering roles which have allowed me to develop organisational and leadership skills. I also completed a two-week placement at a local publishing firm. As Vice Chair, I’d be interested in coordinating with the Head of Publicity, perhaps with regards to improving the current website and potentially implementing an online submission form. Essentially, I’ve loved being a member of the editorial team this year, and would love to become more involved in the running of the society!



Kate Tebble for Vice Chair/ Head of Production

Hi! My name is Kate and I’m a first year English student who’s running for both Vice Chair and Head of Production. I would love to be the new Vice Chair for Looking Glass as I am passionate, conscientious and love critiquing creative writing pieces. This role is an exciting position of authority which I am highly motivated to take on. Though I am only in my first year, through my short time at university and through attending Looking Glass meetings, I have improved my ability to analyse creative writing. Though not professionally, I have a lot of experience proof reading and generating constructive criticism for friends and family, ranging from creative writing pieces to MA dissertations. I am dedicated to the society, having attending nearly every meeting since the start of the academic year, so would love to learn more about the running of it. I look forward to Tuesday evenings to listen to everyone’s opinions and express my thoughts and so would love to be involved in generating useful feedback that expresses the views of all members.

I’m also running for the role of Head of Production as I’m very interested in publishing; I have excellent organisation skills and an eye for formatting and design. I have efficient time management skills, mainly developed through my passion for cooking and baking, which is very transferable to the society as I would make sure the reading packs were delivered as early as possible to give members plenty of time to read and think about them. I’m also sure I could bring some tasty treats to committee meetings if members were interested!

I’d love to have a more significant role in this society so I can help make sessions as fun and welcoming as they’ve been this year and continue the production and running of this great society!


Jack Kendall for Head of Publicity 

Hi, I’m Jack. I’ve toyed with joining the LG committee ever since first term and now feel that I’m able to make myself useful and give something back to the society that’s been the backbone of my time at uni. Since I’ve found LG to be such a warm, welcoming and overall positive group of people, it seems only natural that I’d want to work as the Head of Publicity. The most important part, of course, and the one I’d most enjoy, is bringing in new members, but I’d also love to work with social media to help keep everyone in the loop!



Becca Lawes for Head of Publicity 

I would love to continue in my current role as head of publicity as I have had a fab year with LG and can’t wait for another year at York to see what more we can do with all things LG. I think I would be fab at this role as I am experienced at doing it this year and also have experience doing social media for social work charity Frontline and of blogging and writing for various companies whilst interning at a couple of PR firms. We have such a warm and friendly vibe in our society and I would love to continue this on into another academic year.


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