Calling all artistic minds!

alice design
Design for us

We also take in design submissions for the front cover and inside illustrations of the anthology, as well as bookmarks. We do not look for any specific theme and we welcome any medium be it photography, a painting or graphic art! Just email us  at with your design submission by Week 1 of Summer Term. You do not need to be a paid member to submit and will be credited for your work if used in the final anthology. Scroll down to take a look at our requirements below.




  • The work you submit to us must be an original piece
  • We only accept submissions from students at York  – email us from your York address and please give us your full name.
  • Set the size to around 3307 x 2398 pixels (Portrait Orientation) – it doesn’t have to be precise.
  • Just email us the image only, the title etc. will be added by us later.
  • Deadline: 20th April 2018 (end of week 1 Summer Term)


Good Luck!