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The anthology is made up of creative writing pieces from students at the University of York , so if you’re a creative writer submit your work to us for the chance to be published! Email your submissions to lookingglass@yusu.org and we’ll look at them in our weekly editorial meetings. Don’t worry, your work remains anonymous in our meetings! Email us before 23rd February 2018 (end of Week 7 Spring Term) and we’ll let you know whether your piece made it into the anthology along with some feedback!  Our final deadline however is midnight 16th March 2018 (end of week 10 Spring Term). Submissions received between Week 7 and 10 will not receive feedback, just a simple Yes/No answer. Have a look at our submission guidelines below.


Submission Guidelines

  • Submit your writing as an attachment to lookingglass@yusu.org
  • Only students of the University of York can submit – undergraduate or postgraduate.
  • Please use your York email address – this way we know you’re a student at York. We won’t automatically exclude you if you use a different email address but we’ll need further verification.
  • We only accept fictional material – although ambiguous, non-specific autobiography is considered.
  • Word limits: 1500 for poetry, 2000 for drama, 3000 for prose.
  • Simple formatting – Everything you submit will be re-appropriated by us, so if you use tables to format your screenplay for example, we would have to cut and paste from every cell. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t be creative with your form!
  • Use editable formats – no PDF’s! A simple Microsoft word document or a rich text will do.


Good Luck!